My Knitting: #16 Large Cushion Cover

Well, I clearly need a different cushion pad, but I knitted this to try and use up the stash of Rowan Drift I had from an abandoned scarf project of Darling Daughter’s. The knitting took just an afternoon and evening and I think the “basket weave”-ish stitch pattern is particularly effective. Knitting on 13mm needles isn’t as easy as you’d think because they’re so big and unwieldly for little hands. Anyway here are the details: Pattern from Knitty Gritty: Knitting for the Absolute Beginner by Aneeta Patel, Published A&C Black, 2008 Yarn: Rowan Drift  100% Merino Wool in Nomad, Shade … Continue reading My Knitting: #16 Large Cushion Cover

On Hallowe’en

No, I’m sorry. You can’t force me to like Hallowe’en. Not even with your garish costumes and your festively shaped-and-wrapped chocolates. Have you any idea how long it takes to carve a damn pumpkin? I do, because I’ve done it. Not your V&A appearing masterpiece, mind you, just a simple affair of eyes, nose, eyebrows and zig-zag jagged mouth. It took hours and I’m damned if I’m doing that every year. Just how much time do you think I have to spare? I don’t embrace Hallowe’en because, growing up, I can’t remember any marking of the event but  at this time … Continue reading On Hallowe’en

On Memory

My mother has had increasing problems with her short term memory for a while now. It’s the classic thing: she can remember stories and songs from her childhood that have etched themselves on her brain as on a vinyl record, but she can’t remember that the last time she related any particular story was 2 minutes ago and 2 minutes before that, and before that. She is a scratched vinyl EP, a tourist in her own life. It is impossible to rely on her to remember anything at all without writing it down in duplicate and even then she forgets … Continue reading On Memory

A weekend on the unspoilt Suffolk Coast

Taking advantage of both offspring being away on school trips, we stole a weekend away in Suffolk. The weather was quite poor but, as is said, There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothes. Dog people are fully aware of this. People who walk their dogs generally dress for practicality rather than style. You can usually distinguish us by our mud-spattered baggy jeans and walking boots that were last cleaned somewhen. Walberswick beach in October in the rain has a desolate, bleak beauty. Mid morning on Sunday, there was no-one about. So after lunch at The Anchor, we … Continue reading A weekend on the unspoilt Suffolk Coast

My Knitting: #15 Red Hat for Darling Daughter

I made this woolly hat using last year’s St. Mungo’s Woolly Hat Day downloadable pattern for Darling Daughter, who loves red but who was adamant that she didn’t want me to make it with a woolly ball. I think that’s a pity. I do like a woolly ball. Maybe I’ll make an optional one for her just in case. I do love this Debbie Bliss Paloma yarn. It has a very light and airy structure and is so soft to knit, but it does tangle easily. I thought I’d also post a picture of these dinky little stitch markers recommended … Continue reading My Knitting: #15 Red Hat for Darling Daughter

What sort of dog are you?

I have only ever been involved tangentially with focus groups but I know that advertising types are fond of asking this question. “If X organisation were a dog, what sort would it be?” they’ll say, assuming their audience’s familiarity with dog breeds. I’ve wondered whether focus group members who have no idea about dog breeds just say the first thing that comes into their head like “Labrador!” or “Poodle!” or “Definitely a Staffy,” and so the research is forever skewed and X organisation goes away thinking they are perceived as a Rottweiler when in fact they are more of a … Continue reading What sort of dog are you?

Turn ons and turn offs

I am an avid Radio 4 listener and have been since I woke to the Today programme and dipped in and out of the Archers as a University student. I remember the Beirut kidnapping of Terry Waite, the death of the late Princess of Wales and the disgraceful killing-off of poor Nigel a couple of years ago. The advent of Twitter and the Tweetalongs have been a marvellous way of sharing my enthusiasms and snarks with other listeners. The Archers, in particular, has an active Tweetalong following, especially for the Sunday Omnibus. I listen to this whilst doing the ironing … Continue reading Turn ons and turn offs

Review of Eve Lom Moisturiser SPF 15 and Eve Lom TLC cream

I’m not brand-loyal to skincare. I’m usually willing to give things a go and I have quite a low boredom threshold so I’m happy to look for the next BEST THING for my skin. Within reason. I like a moisturiser that makes my skin feel comfortable and dewy all day. And I am fully aware that NOTHING from a jar will  make me look 15 again! I tried the cult Eve Lom cleanser earlier in the year and I think it is great and works well with my face. I’m a bit of a completist so I thought I’d try … Continue reading Review of Eve Lom Moisturiser SPF 15 and Eve Lom TLC cream