Depression kills, as does stigma.

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27th March 2015 Firstly, while this blog is still in its very early stages, I wish to re-emphasise that I will not solely be writing about mental illness. I plan to provide comment on a provocative, debate-inducing story which has featured heavily in the press, whatever the subject matter. I’m not going to pretend that some of my posts won’t naturally (and, potentially, subconsciously) head into the realms of mental health, but only when appropriate. After waking up to the disturbing headlines concerning the tragic Germanwings air disaster, and, in particular the aeroplane’s co-pilot Andreas Lubitz,… Continue reading Depression kills, as does stigma.

10 Facts for Bob Geldof

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Dear Sir Bob, Thanks so much for doing the Ebola fundraising thing. We hope you raise lots and lots of money. The only thing is, there is a world outside your window Sir, but it might not be quite how you imagine it. We thought you might like to refer to our handy list of facts and figures to help you along when you do the Live Aid 30 re-edit. Do they know it’s Christmas? – Lovely sentiment, great tune, huge money raiser, but ever so slightly bonkers! Lets take a look at the… Continue reading 10 Facts for Bob Geldof

Apps that spy: are they good or are they bad?

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There appears to have been much disquiet within my twitter time line regarding an application a well-known charity has created that enables users to be alerted if anyone they follow on twitter uses words or phrases related to possible suicidal ideation. I have read the updates information on the charity website and apparently it is possible to have your tweets opted out of the app. I am however concerned and share the reservations some people have regarding intrusion but also the responsibility – what to do if you receive an email alerting you that someone you… Continue reading Apps that spy: are they good or are they bad?

My Knitting: #16 Large Cushion Cover

Well, I clearly need a different cushion pad, but I knitted this to try and use up the stash of Rowan Drift I had from an abandoned scarf project of Darling Daughter’s. The knitting took just an afternoon and evening and I think the “basket weave”-ish stitch pattern is particularly effective. Knitting on 13mm needles isn’t as easy as you’d think because they’re so big and unwieldly for little hands. Anyway here are the details: Pattern from Knitty Gritty: Knitting for the Absolute Beginner by Aneeta Patel, Published A&C Black, 2008 Yarn: Rowan Drift  100% Merino Wool in Nomad, Shade … Continue reading My Knitting: #16 Large Cushion Cover

Turn ons and turn offs

I am an avid Radio 4 listener and have been since I woke to the Today programme and dipped in and out of the Archers as a University student. I remember the Beirut kidnapping of Terry Waite, the death of the late Princess of Wales and the disgraceful killing-off of poor Nigel a couple of years ago. The advent of Twitter and the Tweetalongs have been a marvellous way of sharing my enthusiasms and snarks with other listeners. The Archers, in particular, has an active Tweetalong following, especially for the Sunday Omnibus. I listen to this whilst doing the ironing … Continue reading Turn ons and turn offs

A study in tenacity

I have spent some time at the Royal Veterinary College in Potters Bar this week. Oscar presented his poor nose to lots of specialist doctors including some top canine Ear, Nose and Throat experts. For the moment it appears that Oscar’s nose condition, Idiopathic Lymphoplasmacitic Destructive Rhinitis, is going through a calm phase. The most recent CT scan showed more internal destruction of his upper nose but no exposed sore lesions. Oscar is not bleeding at the moment and does not appear to be in pain so, for the moment at least, we are not faced with any difficult decisions. … Continue reading A study in tenacity