My Knitting: #17 Stripy bobble hat

I am inordinately proud of this hat. It all started when I posted a picture of me in the St. Mungo’s Woolly Hat Day hat on Twitter to mark Woolly Hat Day, 26th October. People liked it and commented and seemed disappointed when I took it down the following day. Vainly, I thought that the snap I posted was unflattering in that it showed off my big nose to its biggest and fullest. I thought I looked like Dobby from Peep Show but other variously compared me to one of the Flumps and, the final straw, Benny from Crossroads. So … Continue reading My Knitting: #17 Stripy bobble hat

The continuing Fairbank saga: 28 row repeating pattern transcribed longhand

This is a fairly specialist post so those of you with no interest in knitting would perhaps be better moving on and spending your time elsewhere. I have been trying to knit a complicated, multiply-cabled sleeveless sweater for my husband for several months now. It says on Ravelry that I started knitting this project on February 3rd 2012. This morning I started from scratch again for the 7th or 8th time. It’s been a whole catalogue of disasters and an exemplar of Sod’s Law. I shall bore you with the whole saga when I eventually finish knitting the damn thing. … Continue reading The continuing Fairbank saga: 28 row repeating pattern transcribed longhand

My Knitting: #16 Large Cushion Cover

Well, I clearly need a different cushion pad, but I knitted this to try and use up the stash of Rowan Drift I had from an abandoned scarf project of Darling Daughter’s. The knitting took just an afternoon and evening and I think the “basket weave”-ish stitch pattern is particularly effective. Knitting on 13mm needles isn’t as easy as you’d think because they’re so big and unwieldly for little hands. Anyway here are the details: Pattern from Knitty Gritty: Knitting for the Absolute Beginner by Aneeta Patel, Published A&C Black, 2008 Yarn: Rowan Drift  100% Merino Wool in Nomad, Shade … Continue reading My Knitting: #16 Large Cushion Cover

My Knitting: #15 Red Hat for Darling Daughter

I made this woolly hat using last year’s St. Mungo’s Woolly Hat Day downloadable pattern for Darling Daughter, who loves red but who was adamant that she didn’t want me to make it with a woolly ball. I think that’s a pity. I do like a woolly ball. Maybe I’ll make an optional one for her just in case. I do love this Debbie Bliss Paloma yarn. It has a very light and airy structure and is so soft to knit, but it does tangle easily. I thought I’d also post a picture of these dinky little stitch markers recommended … Continue reading My Knitting: #15 Red Hat for Darling Daughter

My knitting: #14 Hat for St. Mungo’s Woolly Hat Day

The project I decided to knit this woolly bobble hat after seeing the link to St. Mungo’s posted by @StitchLondon on Twitter. They need people to buy bright orange yarn and knit a woolly bobble hat using a free downloadable pattern. The only condition of downloading the pattern, for DK, Aran and Chunky yarn is that you knit at least one hat and send it to St. Mungo’s in time for their Woolly Hat Day event on 26th October. There are even Woolly Hat Day Kits available at £4.60 from Woolly Madly Deeply but these were out of stock when I … Continue reading My knitting: #14 Hat for St. Mungo’s Woolly Hat Day

A momentary lapse leads to disaster: the travails of a novice knitter

Having learned to knit a year or so ago and made several flowers, bags and a jumper since then, I thought I would try something more challenging: this heavily cabled sleeveless sweater from the Rowan Dalesmen collection. This young man isn’t a sheep farmer, like the other men in the book but a poet or something like that. I expect he’s really sensitive if a trifle dull but I wouldn’t worry about that. Anyway, I bought the beautifully soft alpaca yarn from the lovely Joanne at Wool&Buttons and started to knit the back of the sweater. You can see that … Continue reading A momentary lapse leads to disaster: the travails of a novice knitter

My knitting: #13 Fingerless gloves for the Boywonder

So why does The Boywonder want fingerless mittens? So that he can text continuously when he’s outdoors in the cold, of course! Having been underwhelmed with my first efforts at knitting mittens on 2 needles, I found a pattern that looked fairly simple for DPKNs. Gloves are fiendish, you see. It’s the gusset, more elegantly the fourchette, that causes all sorts of problems. I dealt with this issue by avoidance. A warning though: this pattern looks like it’s for fingerless mittens, but in fact the finished article is more of a wristwarmer shape. The Boywonder has already sniffed at this. … Continue reading My knitting: #13 Fingerless gloves for the Boywonder

My Knitting: #12 Mittens for mum

I knitted these as a replacement for the super chunky Big Wool mittens in the previous post, as I confused the instructions and came out with something I thought less than desirable, especially for a present. Unfortunately, there was no shade in Rowan aran yarn to match the Wild Berry Big Wool shade, so I went for mittens that would tone instead. You might be surprised at the choice of yarn. Being a bit funny like that, I normally prefer only to use natural fibres. But, having found holes apprearing in newly-bought cashmere gloves in the past, I find a … Continue reading My Knitting: #12 Mittens for mum

My knitting: #11 Madge hat and Ash mittens for mum

Well, my next project was a Christmas present for my mum. It will be February when she returns from India, and still cold, so I thought this might be nice for her. I’d knitted the Madge hat for Darling Daughter, so that posed no problem, but I wanted matching hat and mittens so had to find a mitten pattern that also used Rowan’s Big Wool. The Ash pattern is readily downloadable on the Rowan site. This pattern uses two needles so I thought they would be straightforward but sadly either the pattern is too complicated for my novice knitting brain, … Continue reading My knitting: #11 Madge hat and Ash mittens for mum

My Knitting: #10 Pear

I knitted this as a way of learning to work with Double Pointed Knitting Needles. (DPKN). I watched several videos on the subject but this is one of those things where you just have to do it to figure it out. I started the pear three times before I worked out when to slide the stitches to the other end of the needle: my Eureka moment! The stalk involved making a knitted cord with DPKN. Another first and dead easy. Not yet exactly sure what I’m going to do with my knitted pear. Pattern: Twenty to Make: Knitted Fruit by … Continue reading My Knitting: #10 Pear