Welcome! I never thought I’d blog but here I am. Generally, I write about stuff I like, and things I don’t like. It’s easier to write about stuff than how I feel about things, though.

About me? I’m a full time wife, mother of 2 rapidly growing cost centres, The Boywonder and Darling Daughter, and dog mummy to Oscar, our lovely flat-coated retriever. My children are no longer small and cute, smelling of newly-washed baby. They are complex people in their own right and bring their own glow-of-pride rewards and ageing challenges.

I was born in suburban Sarf London of Indian parents, did fairly well at school and university and have struggled to find a career niche ever since. I guess I’m a Jack of All Trades…

I run and I sing. Deeply dislike the first of these, except on sunny days, and adore, adore, adore the second. Except that I once thought I had a good voice and now that I am having lessons, I realise how much more I have to learn. I have recently taken up knitting, which I still find miraculous.

Having eschewed fashion, beauty and cosmetics for the first part of my life, I now embrace them fervently in an attempt to put my best foot forward. But I like to think that there are always wider implications to my choices.

So, this blog is not about make-up, fashion, hair or beauty per se, although it contains all of those. I am occasionally sent products to review, and, in the interests of complete transparency I make this clear in these posts. It is great when a company trusts my integrity, and is willing to accept honest feedback. Mostly, though, beauty products are things I have bought that suit me, that I want to share with others like me.

This blog is an insight into some of the things taking up my mindspace at any point in time, a snapshot, and some of the views expressed in it might at times be controversial but they’ll always be sincerely meant and, I hope, courteous. I’d be grateful if those who read or comment extend the same courtesy to me. There might be some personal opinions or rants; some reviews; some photos of things that please me. All in all, it’s a stew with several competing ingredients.

I’m sure there’s more to add, but I have to rush off now…


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