A weekend on the unspoilt Suffolk Coast

Taking advantage of both offspring being away on school trips, we stole a weekend away in Suffolk. The weather was quite poor but, as is said, There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothes. Dog people are fully aware of this. People who walk their dogs generally dress for practicality rather than style. You can usually distinguish us by our mud-spattered baggy jeans and walking boots that were last cleaned somewhen.

Walberswick beach in October in the rain has a desolate, bleak beauty. Mid morning on Sunday, there was no-one about.

IMG 0715
Desolate rainy beach at Walberswick
IMG 0716
It was a windy day and the North Sea was rough. Walberswick beach is a mix of small natural shingle and sand.
IMG 0725
You can see how wet it was: it had been raining all night. These are holiday cottages almost on the beach.
IMG 0716
Another photo of windswept Walberswick beach

So after lunch at The Anchor, we moved along the cost to Southwold, very popular in the summer but almost deserted on Sunday. I wasn’t sure about all that foam.

IMG 0727
Foamy breakers at Southwold

Monday was foggy. We visited Aldeburgh, famous for its summer music festival and home of Benjamin Britten for many years.

IMG 0731
Oscar inspects the Aldeburgh beach huts

The fish and chips from Aldeburgh are famous, apparently, but on foggy Monday it wasn’t clear whether any boats had gone out. We had a fairly dismal, and rather expensive, lunch in a pub. It was the chef’s day off and the stand-in was unable to cook fish, sadly. But £8.75 for a tuna baguette in off-season Suffolk is a bit steep, don’t you think?

This photo shows just how foggy it was at Aldeburgh on Monday but I wanted to show the prettily-painted houses. I bet they look great in the sunshine. I only wish I’d found the “Panorama” option on my iphone for this picture.

We visited a few other beaches along the coast that afternoon but they were all foggy. Eventually, we ended up at Sizewell beach, home of the two well-known nuclear power plants. The Suffolk Coastal walk goes right up past Sizewell A and Sizewell B, buzzing, shadowy figures looming threateningly in the fog. It’s a great walk and on Monday there were lots of different sorts of fungi sprouting in the dampness.

Oscar at SIzewell among some mutant mega-mushrooms.
IMG 0739
Fog highlights all the cobwebs on the gorse. This would have been a much better picture if I’d taken my proper camera. 😦

So, on the way back to London, we stopped off in Woodbridge, where we heard that there was a pub with a dog menu, the King’s Head.

IMG 0745
I found the ‘Panorama’ option on my iphone as I took this poicture of the bar at the King’s Head.

Here’s a picture of the dog menu:

And this is a picture of Oscar waiting for his lunch:


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