Review of Eve Lom Moisturiser SPF 15 and Eve Lom TLC cream

I’m not brand-loyal to skincare. I’m usually willing to give things a go and I have quite a low boredom threshold so I’m happy to look for the next BEST THING for my skin. Within reason. I like a moisturiser that makes my skin feel comfortable and dewy all day. And I am fully aware that NOTHING from a jar will  make me look 15 again!

IMG 0836

I tried the cult Eve Lom cleanser earlier in the year and I think it is great and works well with my face. I’m a bit of a completist so I thought I’d try more Eve Lom products including the TLC moisturiser that I bought as part of a travel-sized introduction to Eve Lom products. That one came in a little tube and I liked it so I bought a full sized jar to use as a night cream. Well, I QUITE like the jar version but I think it’s a bit too rich for my combination skin and I can only use a teeny tiny bit which I spread over my hands and just pat gently onto my skin. This means that the cream, though expensive, will last for ages but the downside of that is that I’ll soon start to get bored of it! If I buy this in future, I’ll get the tubed version which, although more wasteful, is lighter and less viscous than the stuff in the jar. Both are pure white and smell beautifully of real old roses and work well as night creams.

Eve Lom TLC cream £55 for 50ml jar; £45 for 50ml tube from John Lewis (I know, right?)


IMG 0837

I like the Eve Lom Moisturiser SPF 15 better though. It’s not quite a rich in texture as the TLC cream and has a slightly whipped, wetter texture and a pinkish hue. It doesn’t smell of roses either. I do like to wear an spf during the day and I can confirm that this one does not make my eyes water or bring me out in spots. It doesn’t cause concealer curdling either and, so far, has not spread my mascara all over my upper cheeks. Again it’s expensive but one uses very little so I think it will last ages. It’s definitely a win then.

Eve Lom Moisturiser SPF 15 £45 for a 50ml jar from John Lewis

My teenagers, incidentally, have used the word “moist” for a while as a term of contempt for anything bad. Which renders the moisturising imperative rather contradictory.



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