Half life

It’s my birthday today. It’s also that of the late Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother and Barack Obama. Happy birthday Mr. President! So all you astrologically-minded people can make of that what you will.

I was just thinking the other day that I’m probably more than halfway through my life, although mentally I’m still about 25 years old. So far I’ve been luckier than many but not as successful as others or as I would have liked. I’ve drifted a little this year but sill managed to learn to crochet and pass my Grade 7 in Singing with a Merit mark. Sadly all of my hard work on sight singing throughout the year came to nothing and I still just about failed that part of the exam and again my performance nerves made me sing a bit sharp and breathe in the wrong places a bit but heigh ho, there’s always next time. Anyway, I think it’s always helpful to have a goal so here are mine for the near and not too distant future:


I’ve a good idea of what I’d like to do to help those less fortunate than me and I intend to do something about it in the next few months.

Run a Marathon

Hm. I’m not sure that I will ever actually achieve this goal but it’s a good target to set, even for someone with my centre-of-gravity issues. I am going to try and enter next year’s London Moonwalk. Walking a marathon has to count for something, surely?

Grade 8

Once a totally impossible dream, now within touching distance. In pre-history, when I learnt the piano, I did no grade exams and was in awe of those who did. Giving up the piano was probably one of the greatest mistakes of my life. But I hope I shall soon have the opportunity to work for a Grade 8 in Singing and if I work really hard and manage to exert more control over my performance nerves, perhaps I shall see a Distinction. I’m certainly going to try for one.


I’ve sung with the same choir for almost 10 years now and am increasingly bored. I’ve more or less made up my mind to join a different choir and possibly go to a singing summer school to gain some experience in solo singing. Perhaps this will help with the Grade 8 above. I’ve always wanted to be a cabaret singer, really. One day perhaps I shall.


I’d like to take up where I left off, only be better at it. Sadly my offspring are now far too accomplished musicians for me to be able to accompany them, but one can dream, I  guess.


I’d like to split up with food. Finally to end my lifelong tempestuous, sado-masochistic relationship with sugar and calories. Obviously I’d like us to remain friends as food is an emotional and a sensual pleasure for me, but I need to be a little more balanced in my approach, more guarded and reserved. Friends with benefits perhaps? Going veggie for Lent this year was a good first step. Next step is portion control. Kids: in middle age, your metabolism slows down.


I’m going to attempt NEVER again to buy a piece of clothing that does not fit or does not suit me. This is rather more of a challenge than it looks for someone with such a well-developed apex,  but I’m dismayed at how many hundreds or even thousands of pounds I must have spent on clothes that have worn me. I’m not aiming to become one of the pastel T shirt, shapeless polycotton skirt and anorak brigade. Perish THAT thought. I shall wear purple!


One day I shall actually finish the over-complicated-for-me multiply-cabled alpaca sleeveless sweater that I over-ambitiously started knitting for my husband this year. I hope so, anyway.


4 thoughts on “Half life

  1. At last I have managed to work out how to read your blog .. an achievement in itself I think .. Always said there was no truth in the ‘old dog’ ‘new tricks’ theory!!!
    Sue xx

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