The Eve Lom Cleanser

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Eve Lom’s pricey cleanser

Yes, it’s really expensive for a cleanser. That’s my first thought. And why is it so expensive? Does it necessarily do a better job than a cheaper one?

I can’t really answer that, but I know lots of slebs and media types swear by this cleanser either on its own or as one of the steps of the iconic Eve Lom Facial. Now, I don’t have a salon near me that performs this venerated ritual, but I was tempted by the pot’s white, simple and elegant packaging on a recent trip to Space NK in Bluewater. And, if everyone raves about how good it is, it has to be excellent, doesn’t it? At least I should give it a go, no? My Clarisonic sonic cleansing machine has become an absolutely essential part of my nightly cleansing routine, so any cleanser needs to be viscous enough to stay on the Clarisonic brush as it whizzes around my face. The Space NK staff tell me that the Eve Lom Cleanser is a favourite for use with the Clarisonic so, what the hell, I gave it a whirl.

You don’t need to use very much of this thick paste which is the texture of Vaseline. In fact, using it with the Clarisonic is probably quite efficient as it stops you from smearing too much on your face. The texture is ever so slightly granular but the main thing you notice is the strong smell of clove oil. This is not for everyone, it has to be said, but I soon became accustomed to it.

After use, pores are open, ready for the “extraction” stage of the facial, I assume, and nasties such as blackheads seem to have come to the surface to be whisked away. Following this, you take the muslin cloth that comes with the cleanser and dip it a couple of times into a sink of very hot, clean water, and hold it to your face for a few seconds each time. My environmental consciousness kicked in as I started use, as it’s hardly environmentally cool to run a sink full of heated water, but nothing is perfect, is it? It’s mystical, this part of the ritual, and I’m sure it amuses other halves also present in the bathroom. For the final rinse, you wipe the specially-textured muslin cloth around your face to wipe away the fnal traces of makeup, grot and cleanser and then rinse with cold water to close the pores. After use, my skin feels very clean but certainly not tight in any way. It is a calming, pleasant cleansing ritual that no longer feels slightly ridiculous to the person benefiting from clean, refreshed skin.

Would I buy it again? I am sighing and saying I probably would. Even though it’s expensive. It’s a daily mini spa treatment that hooks you in and keeps you there and my skin looks and feels great. No-wonder all those people go on about the Eve Lom Cleanser.

Eve Lom Cleanser is available in three sizes: £40 for 50ml; £55 for 100ml and £85 for 200ml from the Eve Lom online shop and Space NK.


*Not a sponsored post*


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