Silly little thing

I’m not known for my love of kitsch or schmaltzy sentimentality: an emotionally stupid upbringing and my current life in a catacomb of waspish gladiators has more or less drummed the mere suspicion of that out of my soul. But this little thought makes me smile every evening when I brush my teeth, and for some reason I had this overwhelming urge to share it on my blog, dear Reader.

Darling Daughter made this for me to cheer me up during a period of extreme metal anguish caused by the stupidity of teenagers, social networking and parental poisoning. I was having a really tough time in this situation, not of my making, which more or less tore me apart for a while. It wasn’t the first such episode and little did I know that more of the same sort of thing was to come but that’s a story for another day, if at all. Anyway, my lovely 9 year old filled this little thing with tiny beads for me and it hangs to this day on my bathroom window. It is a bittersweet reflection on the best and worst aspects of being a parent and it reminds me how much she means to me. As if I needed that. x


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