How to end up looking like Ursula Andress at the end of the 1965 film She

This was meant to be a post complaining about a new product and how un-moisturing it is. It’s a pity, because I was going to use all sorts of anecdotes, such as the time we went to Portugal on a cheap last-minute deal and ended up regretting it. I was also going to talk about the 1965 Ursula Andress film, She, where she finally steps into the fire and loses all her immortality and all the natural ageing of millennia happens to her in a matter of seconds. In a prophetic view of my life to come, I always found this film profoundly frightening.

So, this is what is happening to my skin at the moment: This picture of the skin on my leg shows it horrible and dry and cracking up. It’s why I always use body lotion after a shower and why I was set to complain bitterly about my current choice. Worse, my arms are sore and itchy from application of the lotion.

IMG 0715

I was even ready to put it down as one of the unpleasant side effects of my use of the Phillips RéAura, which is, after all, making my face very dry as it treats it. Except that, on closer inpection, I found that what looks like body lotion is, in fact, Crème de Douche nacrée, pearlescent shower cream. Moral of the story is, dear reader, don’t use shower cream to moisturise your skin. I’ll now crawl into a hole of my own embarrassment. Thank you for your time.

Postscript: Since writing this, my poor arms and legs have come out in an eczema-like state that’s sore, itchy and flaky. I don’t want to go to the doctor because of this self-inflicted skin condition and I’m hoping that moisturising well will save my poor skin sooner rather than later. So, let this be a warning to you all: always check the label of the product and never mistake shower gel for moisturising body lotion in a hurry. 😦

My poor arm.


Since this picture was taken, I have been treating my skin with L’Occitane’s Ultra Rich Body Cream with shea butter for a week. My skin feels a lot better and will probably have recovered by next weekend. Phew! Thank goodness!

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