The Phillips RéAura – An Independent Review #6

Hello all!

Just dipping in again for another quickish update. I’ve completed five weeks of bi-weekly RéAura sessions so far. This is the point where, according to other reviewers, the differences in the skin start to show and readers of my most recent post will have seen that I was having a wobble and a loss of confidence that my hard-earned (or someone’s hard-earned) cash had been wasted on a machine that didn’t seem to be doing anything at all. Well, Phillips also read this, and similar comments posted on their site, which is open only to people who have bought the machine and registered so I had a longish, reassuring-ish phone conversation with someone from the Phillips skincare team last week as a follow-up to my comments. Apparently, the teeny tiny spots that I call scabs all over my  face are what they like to call dusting. This is fairly accurate I suppose. Phillips insist that this is the excess pigment coming out of the skin but I am still not convinced about this. In my book, if they look like scabs and act like scabs then they are scabs. They don’t stay around for too long though and are usually gone within a couple of days with the help of a bed-time gentle exfoliating session. I’m currently using Caudalie’s Créme Gommante Douce for this purpose but I’ve also used the Dermologica Daily Microfoliant.

My skin is dry and tight, some might say granular,  and needs some extra help during the day, so I’ve upgraded my moisturiser to Bobbi Brown’s Extra Moisturizing Balm, along with L’Occitane’s Fluid Radieux SPF 15. I’ve had a cold in the last few days and have been sitting outside in the sun on my garden seat, then regretting this in case it nullifies all the good work of the laser machine. But it’s still March and even though it’s really quite warm, the sun isn’t going to be strong enough to do much damage at this time of year in the UK, especially as I am using sun protection. My skin does look really tanned though, and overdoing blusher really doesn’t help in this regard.

And my skin? Well, I think it is starting to become more even-toned. I think the long-term blemishes and scars are starting to fade, and my skin is starting to look younger and fresher. It could just be wishful thinking and my imagination though, so watch this space for news from the all-important week 6 of treatment, coming up.




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