The Phillips RéAura: An Independent review. #5: a quick update

Hello lovely people! I’m not going to write much this evening as there’s not an awful lot to report. I’ve now done 7 of the 16 recommended twice-weekly face treatments on this 8 week course. I am now routinely treating my face on Level 3 of the machine, which does sting a little when I’m using it but stings a lot after I have finished. I think the worst moment for me is when I have cooled my face by washing it with cold water and I patting it dry with a towel before applying the aftercare lotion. It does feel hot and sore. The aftercare lotion does ease the soreness but I’m always ready to crawl into bed and go to sleep.

The next morning my face has usually lost its soreness but feels tight and dry. Certain areas of the skin, when touched, feel more sore than others. I’d like to say that I feel this mainly in the most hyper-pigmented areas but I cannot be absolutely sure of this. My face is always noticeably ruddy after treatment but this effect usually fades  by lunchtime.

And how is my skin looking? Well, it is difficult to tell but I think there might have been some evening out of the skin texture. I am still developing tiny scabs all over my face a day or so after each treatment, which are so small that they are easy enough to disguise with make up. Perhaps there is an evening-out of the discolouration or perhaps these tiny scabs have clubbed together to make me darker all over, like a suntan, so the hyper-pigmentation is less easy to discern. I am certainly darker, now using Bobbi Brown’s Oil Free Tinted Moisturiser in shade Medium to Dark. I have to admit that this darker complexion is somewhat worrying and not really what I had imagined.

I am beginning to wobble about my purchase and use of the machine. I know plenty of reviews have hailed it as a miraculous product but I am now half way through the treatment and I haven’t noticed any astounding transformations yet. Has it all been such an awful waste of £800? We shall have to wait and see.


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