7 x 7 x 7 x 7

This was quite a meme, and has taken a while to compile, but it’s always nice to be included, isn’t it?

I have to list 7 blog posts I admire
  1. I adore @Pixielation’s photos of the urban foxes in her garden. This is a lovely one. A fox romance
  2. This recent one, from Random Lunacy, was retweeted like mad around my timeline but it made us all laugh.
  3. I love the way Betty Broken writes. Her pieces speak with total clarity and sincerity. This one just before last Christmas, when many of us were pre-occupied with Christmas shopping was a wonderful, moving example of her work. To me, it’s an illustration of the power of social media, of tuning in to kindred spirits. The response was heartwarming.
  4. @Ellen27 is forever blogging. She loves it so much that she’s written a book about it, called Blogging for Happiness.  But I always enjoy her In a Bun Dance thoughts and it was difficult to choose a single post. This one chimed with me perfectly, though.
  5. Obviously, I like @Dulwichmum’s blog for its audacity. Almost singlehandedly she captures the essence of the wealthier, snootier inner London suburbs. And I’d love to receive a post bag as large as hers every day. I do hope the mail van delivering all her daily goodies is powered by recycled cooking oil. This post, and its attendant comments are, you know, a slice!
  6. Although I am merely a parent and not an exalted, heroic teacher, this post from The Behaviour Guru made me smile.
  7. Finally this first post from @LifeTestDummy made me weep.

Then list 7 things about myself
  1. I’m not keen on water. I learned to swim only when I was 39, and then only grudgingly. This makes me sad and I fully intend to remedy it properly when I win the Euromillions and buy a place with a warm indoor pool.
  2. I like shopping only when I know exactly what I’m going to buy. That thing is usually quite expensive and expected to last for ages as I buy things on a cost per wear basis. The idea of browsing in M&S for hours searching for T shirts reduced to £3 is about as far away from my self image as it is possible to go.
  3. People who smoke or dislike animals, especially dogs, go down immediately by 20% in my estimation. Judgemental, but true. There is only one exception to this rule and she knows who she is. Sorry about that. (Not really)
  4. If I had my time again, I would do so many things differently. Most importantly, I would not be so self-effacing (yes, really) and I would have realised that employers DID want to hear from people like me. In essence I wish I had had more confidence when I was younger. My life might have been very different.
  5. I have only ever been in love with one person.
  6. I have a sweet tooth and could consume vast quantities of chocolate and cake if not restrained by some semblance of dignity.
  7. I wish I were more patient. Especially with my mother, who drives me around the bend.

Then answer the 7 questions set by The Sardine Tin
1) When was the last time you told a lie?
I can’t bear lies: both being lied to and lying. Even supposed white lies are anathema: I’d rather say nothing at all. This might make me seem tentative and standoffish and it’s probably quite pompous to say that it’s because my integrity is so important to me. But it’s the truth.
2) Is there any food you’ve not tried, but would really like to?
No, I can’t say there is that I’m aware of. Living in the UK is brilliant because you can find most things without too much difficulty. If there’s something I’m not aware of yet, then I’ll try it. I’ve even tried a bit of dog before, in Kunming in 1985. I’m not sure what breed of dog.
3) What posters were on the wall of your teenage bedroom?
OMDZ. In those days I was a little like Amy Farrah Fowler in the Big Bang Theory. Hold that thought. I was a bit of a swotty bluestocking but felt I ought to have someone on my wall so it was Leif Garratt. I had no real idea who he was, and still don’t really.
4) Groundhog Day is real. Which day would you choose, and why?
That would be my wedding day. I love the film Groundhog Day because it’s about gradual redemption through trial and error. I’d change so much about that day: my dress – I was never going to dye the sensible silk suit and wear it for work -; the guest list; my bridesmaid; the seating plan; and, especially, the fact that there was no music or dancing, which is remarkable for two such musical souls who were always the last ones on the dance floor. Essentially, we didn’t want too much fuss or expense, both because we didn’t like it and also because we paid for it all, and I have ever since wished that I had had a bit more fuss. It was all a bit too low-key really. It’s probably just as well that we had an Indian wedding the following day. I hope my own children have a proper send-off if and when the time comes.
5) Which is the one room in your house you’d make over, if money were no object?
My kitchen. There are plans, but I think the Italian debt crisis has put paid to that. It’s a long story. But I spend my life in my kitchen and I wish it were bigger and that the appliances actually worked like they are supposed to. Also, I’d like underfloor heating, integral wireless hifi and a warming hotplate.
6) Would you ever consider/have you ever had plastic surgery?
Yes. I have. My Lasik eye surgery was the best thing I have ever had done. I’ve had laser hair removal too (I don’t know if that counts) and one or two other, more personal things. If there were a way of reducing my breasts to a  more reasonable size without pain or scarring, I’d jump at it.
7) What is the most adventurous thing you have ever done?
I suppose doing a degree in Chinese in 1984 and spending my second year in China was quite adventurous, although it didn’t really seem so at the time. Everyone told me that a degree in Chinese would mean that I’d be set for life. Nothing could have been further fro the truth so it was, in fact, more adventurous that I realised at the time.
4)  My 7 questions to my taggees
  1. Do you have an unfulfilled ambition?
  2. What would be your idea of the perfect day?
  3. Have you ever had to make a difficult choice?
  4. Which is more important: a clean house or a pet?
  5. What does your partner think of your blogging/Twitter activities?
  6. Music or sport?
  7. Can one have it all?

Finally the people I’d like to tag:








But only if you have the time!


4 thoughts on “7 x 7 x 7 x 7

  1. Thank you so much for doing this- and I love your responses, especially the idea of doing your wedding day slightly differently each time!

  2. Do you have an unfulfilled ambition?
    I have to qualify ambition first. There are many personal indulgences I would love to accomplish to fulfil those little spaces of the soul, but there is only 1 burning desire that leaves me filling unfinished. Music has always been my passion. When I was just a few weeks old, my mother discovered that wheeling my antique pram infront of the radiogram and turning up the volume had the same effect as sticking me on the breast. It did not matter if the radio spat out ballads from the Beatles, head-bangers from the Stones or velvet mush from Sacha Distel, it all had the effect of putting me to sleep. There is not a memorable or momentous event in my life that is not evoked or earmarked by music. It is my filing system. Because of this, I need to write a song. I will one day pen the most eloquent, evocative, lyrical work anyone has ever listened to and it will be my legacy.
    What would be your idea of the perfect day?
    I would wake up having had a restful nights sleep of at least eight hours, devoid of night sweats, cats taking up the bed and snoring husband. I would not have a diarised schedule to complete, tick-off, prioritise just a void of time to fill with my family. They of course would all agree on where we would partake our sunny breakfast, lingering over conversation and each other. Daughter would not be worrying about her A levels and relax long enough to wile away the morning water-skiing or parasailing. Son would detach himself from cyberspace and take a canvas with me to the seashore. We would paint and discuss the merits of cerulean blue and pallette knives. Husband would be still, in a chair enjoying the sun and watching his brood with a contented smile.
    Sundown would see us board a light aircraft to a deserted tropical island for dinner a quatre. Somewhere like Mayreau in the Grenadines would be good. A barbecue on the sand would be ready and waiting for husband to light. We would eat speared fish and salad and drink from fresh coconuts. There would be no talk of work, xbox, chemistry. No words would be needed. We would roll down the sand and sit transfixed at the sunset.
    Have you ever had to make a difficult choice?
    Many, but I will share one that taught me a great deal. I once blew the whistle on a close friends husband after evidence of his infidelity had come to light. It was not common knowledge and I was the only one in posession of the information. Should I/ shan’t I tell ensued. I eventually shared it with two of our mutual friends in a bid to decide what to do. Horror of horrors my hand was forced when one of those ‘friends’ threatened to tell her the next morning herself if I didn’t. Forced into a corner, I told her the next day. She promptly accused me of trying to come between them, discredited anything I put before her and dumped me as a friend. Five years later, she tells our mutual ‘friend’ she misses me every day. She knew my motives were in her best interest but our friendship had no saviour if she was to stay with and honour her husband. I will never do it again for this reason. Friendship is always the casualty.
    Which is more important: a clean house or a pet?
    Of course a pet, unless you mean stick insects that produce eggs like dandruff and populate your carpets like crumbs. I happily hoover those bastards up. I have two cats who are members of my family. I love both cats and dogs, don’t believe you have to camp on one side or the other. In fact the breed we have are ‘pixie-bobs’ whose character traits are compared very closely to dogs. When they were kittens, they fetched things thrown to them. They also growl and follow me around everywhere. They are my surrogate children when I am alone, working in the house. They follow me around and sleep on my legs at night, which would be lovely if one of them didn’t weigh over 10 kilos! They give the fifth and sixth best cuddles in our house.
    What does your partner think of your blogging/Twitter activities?
    Twitter has placed my husbands fingers firmly on the sky remote-control so he is quite happy. He is wonderfully supportive of almost everything I do. I do not blog, would love the time to meander in thought more. Perhaps it will be one of those indulgences for my soul when I have more time for them.
    Music or sport?
    I think you know my answer to that one already!
    Can one have it all?
    That really depends on the state of mind of the one in question and what represents ‘all’.
    If you spend your life chasing unrealistic dreams and never stop to contemplate on how blessed you’ve really been, then no, you can’t. If you pause to consider all you have and what you might be without, then yes, in my opinion, you can.

  3. Lynda: I love this comment. I can just imagine your perfect day and mine obviously would share elements of it. Thanks so much for this. It would be great if you found time to carry on the meme and tag someone else.


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