Phillips RéAura Independent Review: into Week 2

2nd session. Sunday 26th February 2012. 10pm

Ow, ow. My skin is more sore this time after using the RéAura but funnily enough, most of the soreness fades more quickly than last time. The next morning my face is slightly puffy in places and still feels slightly sore in some parts but mainly dry and tight. My husband remarks that my skin seems darker, if anything.  Seeing for myself, I look like I have a tan. I know I went out with the dog in the sunshine yesterday but I did use SPF 15 and it IS February for crying out loud! I can only assume that this is caused by the tiny scabs that are still there all over my face but now I’m self conscious that I look like one of THOSE women who doesn’t take care to match their foundation shade carefully enough.* Ugh. I might cry.

I’m using L’Occitane’s Angelica protective fluid spy 15 to protect my face at the moment. It goes on under or with moisturiser and doesn’t make my eyes water or my make up run but then it is only SPF 15.

IMG 0712My pores look more open and exposed but is it my imagination or are the residual marks from recurrent ingrown hairs becoming less noticeable and flatter? Hm. We shall have to keep an eye on those. I’m losing a little bit of trust in the RéAura because of the way my skin feels and looks. I mention this in my Phillips online diary entry and skincare team member Keira replies that it is normal for pigmentation spots to come to the surface of the skin during treatment. Still not quite sure that I really take this on board. Hope the expensive treatment is not going to leave me looking worse. But surely it can’t? After all, people reviewing it currently are speaking in the most glowing terms. I suppose that if it’s hurting, it’s working.

Week 2

3rd Session. Wednesday 29th February 2012. 10.20pm

Aha! I’m getting the hang of this thing I think. I was dragging the machine across my face before when in fact the most effective action is similar to brushing rather than pressing hard and dragging. And is it my imagination, or does each zone take less long to do? No, I’m right. It takes only 24 minutes to do my whole face this time instead of the half an hour for the 2nd session. This treatment is a lot less painful than before and I contemplate moving up to level 3 on the RéAura. But not just yet.

After the session, some parts of my face (the bits with the most pigmentation) are noticeably more sore than others. The next morning, however, only very small parts of my face actually hurt a little. The overwhelming feeling is of dryness and tightness, but it’s not that uncomfortable, akin to the feeling one gets at about lunchtime when one forgets to put on moisturiser in the morning. Not that I’d know, of course.

When I peer at my face in the mirror, am I imagining that my skin tone is more even and that some pigmentation seems to be fading? Does my face really look a bit smoother and more serene? It’s certainly not because all is calm and quiet at home. Can the RéAura really be starting to work already? It is possible, I suppose, but improbable that it has had any effect this early in the treatment programme. I am sure I look sun-tanned though, and my face is two shades darker than my neck. Hm. This makes me worry, but I decide I shall swap my usual Bobbi Brown Warm Natural foundation for something darker.

*As an aside, there was a woman at my children’s Prep School whom we saw every day for 12 years apart from our time in Paris, and her face was always covered by a yellow mask of foundation. We were going to tell her on the last day at the school but didn’t. Should we have let her know earlier – she wasn’t very friendly – or not? Moral dilemmas.

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