Happy Birthday Blog!

Today is the first birthday of my blog. Happy  birthday blog!

I thought I’d post a picture of my Make-up BFFs, Best Friends Forever, the products that I use all the time because I know they suit me.

That they all happen to be Bobbi Brown products is funny isn’t it? Because this post is in no way sponsored by that company or Estée Lauder Corporation in all its guises. It’s just that Bobbi Brown seem to produce colours that suit my Indian skin. I suppose it’s also because I have a orderly Thing, where I like to have matching sets of stuff, rather than an a motley assortment. *sighs*

IMG 0677

Anyway, the products are (clockwise from top):

Vitamin enriched face base – a moisturiser for winter

Long wear gel eyeliner – shade Espresso

Long wear cream eyeshadow – shade Slate

Shimmer wash eyeshadow – shade Black Plum

Eye shadow – shade Taupe

and my very bestest make-up friend ever in the middle:

Pot rouge for Lips and Cheeks – shade Blushed Rose (I have worn this almost every day for the last three or four years and am wondering whether it will outlast me.)

So, thank you very much for reading my blog over this past year. I hope you have found something of interest to you and that you will carrying on visiting from time to time.




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