My knitting: #11 Madge hat and Ash mittens for mum

Well, my next project was a Christmas present for my mum. It will be February when she returns from India, and still cold, so I thought this might be nice for her. I’d knitted the Madge hat for Darling Daughter, so that posed no problem, but I wanted matching hat and mittens so had to find a mitten pattern that also used Rowan’s Big Wool. The Ash pattern is readily downloadable on the Rowan site.
This pattern uses two needles so I thought they would be straightforward but sadly either the pattern is too complicated for my novice knitting brain, or it’s badly written and not checked, or a combination of these two because the mittens didn’t work out well.

Shaping the thumb part for the right mitten first caused some problems as I didn’t have three knitting needles at my disposal and I think I misunderstood the cast on 5 stitches instruction. But this one actually turned out OK in the end. The problem came really with the left hand mitten, as I really didn’t understand how to reverse the thumb shaping and decided that I would increase a stitch for every stitch knitted after the thumb. The result is underwhelming and rather crooked. I am tempted to redo this left mitten, just to show that I have rethought it and to show myself that I can.

But these mittens actually come out rather large and are certainly too large for my mum’s dainty sparrow-like hands. I am tempted to keep these for walking the dog and to re-think the mittens using different gauge yarn. If only I’d used Kevlar for them, they would have been useful as oven gloves. Ah well.

Madge Hat and Ash Mittens knitted on Rowan Big Wool 100% Merino wool
Shade Wild Berry 00025 on 10mm Bamboo needles.


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