Diorshow Blackout Waterproof Mascara

I haven’t always worn mascara. I have naturally black sumptuous wavy eyelashes so haven’t really felt the need. But, like most women, I undoubtedly look better with mascara as it does seem to open up my eyes. Even now, I don’t always wear it. If I’m going for a minimal make up look i’ll wear it on its own, or with eye liner on a night out, but to wear mascara and full eye make up during the day would just be unfair to the rest of womankind so I’m doing you all a favour, ladies.

I’ve never been brand loyal with regard to mascara. I’m always going to use black so I’m really just looking for one that suits me. It has to be waterproof though: my eyes often water with the cold, or with use of sunscreen. My personality is such that I am inclined to strong emotion and cry readily, either with rage or pathos. But panda eyes look good only on models in magazines, or pandas. And bearing in mind that crying in public is pretty damned embarrassing anyway, the last thing one needs along with red and bulging eyes and nose, and streaked make up is a brawl-reminiscent eye make up meltdown.

I usually use Bobbi Brown No Smudge Mascara (£18) It’s a touch utilitarian, but it has NEVER run for me and this has caused a slight complacency and ennui. So when my friend Sarah swore to me that this Diorshow was a fantastic mascara, I bought some. It’s comparatively expensive, at £22/10ml tube, but it does make my eyelashes look spectacular. I like the large, easily-wielded brush and the texture seems somehow creamier and thicker than the No Smudge Mascara.
I just don’t think it’s waterproof. Or perhaps it is waterproof but reacts to something else on my skin, such as my Origins Starting Over eye cream, but I’m afraid I do end up looking like I’ve walked into a door. This has happened several times and is a pity, because it makes me inclined not to buy it again. Which is sad as it really does make my lashes look more luxuriant.

Or perhaps I should investigate a different waterproof mascara in the same range next time in the hope of finding something that doesn’t give me that endearing panda look. Any ideas, anyone?

Diorshow Waterproof Black Out Mascara
Available widely from department store Dior counters
Price: £22 Per 10ml

*not a sponsored post*


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