An anti-ageing water. Really?

Now, this is the sort of thing that really gets my goat. I like to tone my skin and close the pores between cleansing/exfoliating and moisturising. I could do this perfectly effectively with cold water, but I quite like to use a scented toning water. Incidentally, Cinq Mondes‘ Pluie de Fleurs is a favourite of mine, but since I’ve bought lots from Origins‘ A Perfect World range recently, and I like matching sets of things, I bought this toner too:

Age-defense treatment lotion with White Tea

I pour some onto a cotton wool pad and sweep it over my face. Actually I prefer spritzing, so it’s already slightly annoyed me. But, for goodness’ sake, look at the claim that it makes on the bottle:

Helps surround skin in an age-defending protective bubble

How a liquid that is mainly water and just swept over the face a couple of times a day can fulfil this promise is beyond me. How can companies, not just Origins, continue to make these ridiculous claims with a straight face? Do they believe women are completely stupid? How the reps in the shop don’t burst out laughing when they explain the “anti-ageing benefits” of this product, I’ll never know.

Or perhaps I’m too cynical. If, after using this for three months I miraculously look younger, believe me, I’ll blog it like a shot.

*Not a sponsored post, obviously*


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