My nails: the Artistic Gel Manicure aftermath

Just adding a postscript to this story here really. I had my Artistic Gel nails soaked off on Wednesday by Zoran at Equus where they were applied four weeks ago. I was delighted with how long they had looked beautiful. Really I only had them taken off because my natural nails had grown and the gel was more visible than it had been. I think the fact that the gel was a natural, sheer colour helped here. There was a tiny bit of peeling on a couple of the nails and a chip developed last Sunday, but that is all.

The soak off procedure is as follows: the gel nails are buffed with an Emery board and gel nail removal solution is applied to the nails on a cotton wool pad. The nails are then enveloped in foil and left for 10 minutes whilst one has an in-depth chat with one’s manicurist about quirky shoes. A blunt, flat tool is used to prise off what remains of the gel.

The lack of peeling was very important, because I think it is this that ruins the nails for months after the gel has been removed. I’m hopeful that this won’t happen this time as there was negligible peeling, but my nails are weak and break continually so are doubly susceptible to damage. This is what has put me off gel nails in the past.

So Zoran applied some Nailtiques Cuticle Care Oil and massaged it in to my cuticles. He says it feeds the nail bed but I am rather sceptical: at the most it lubricates and moisturises the top layers of cuticle skin. But it takes away the raggedy, dry ungroomed look, and it might help my nails. I particularly like this product as it comes in a cute little bottle with a roll-on top, which eliminates waste and mess on application. Zoran then applied a coat of strengthening base coat from Nailtiques and my nails were left looking like this:

I had coffee with my friend Sue yesterday and she admired my manicure so they obviously look groomed and professional. I hope that the nails are now left in a better condition than last time I had a gel manicure and can rest for a while before I have the gel applied again. I’ll keep you posted.


Since I wrote this, three of my nails have broken, one rather badly in a flaky-breaky way. To be fair, that might have happened anyway, but I shall monitor the situation and see whether it’s worse than I would normally expect over the next month or two.

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