Artistic Gel Manicure: week 3 picture

Here, then, is a picture of my nails three weeks after Zoran at Equus applied a clear Artistic gel polish. No nails have broken or chipped this week and they have been given a chance to grow.

The downside of this, of course, is that the gel polish is moving with the nails away from the cuticle and has started to peel on one or two of my fingers, so I’m having them soaked off before the peeling becomes more drastic and starts to take the top layers of my fingernails with it. There has been no peeling AT ALL from the tips of my fingernails, even where I’ve had to file the break last week.

I’m really pleased with how these nails have lasted and saddened that I’ll have to part with them so soon, particularly as the tips still look great. It’s testament to the skill of the manicurist, I think.

Bye bye nice nails!

*Not a sponsored post*


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