The Slendertone Bottom Shorts Journal #6

Sunday 7th August 2011 Day 23 of Slendertone Bottom 30 Day Challenge

Tropical holiday -9 days

Ow, ow ow! I have to lie on the floor when I use the shorts now as the pulse is so strong. I cut a very sexy dash in the Slendertone Bottom shorts, prone on my bedroom floor. This is a security measure in case the pulse might somehow propel me off my bed. Each time I feel a contraction coming, I brace my bottom and thighs. They come thick and fast and leave me gasping afterwards. Sound familiar, ladies? Sit back and relax? Bah!

But it’s all for a just cause, this clenching, relaxing, bracing, breathing. When I’m in the shower, I admire the newly-toned backs of my thighs. Shapely enough to make some non-weirdo stop and help next time I have a puncture on the motorway. But of course, I’ll say

“Thanks, but no thanks mate. It’s 2011 and I’m perfectly able to change a wheel myself.”

As for the bottom, to be honest, it’s quite difficult to admire in the shower. But a different story in the mirror. My buttocks, for let’s not, err, beat about the bush, are firmer and more toned than they were before. I spent my 46th 29th birthday last week in too big size 10 skinny jeans. Hooray!

I am slightly concerned about the disintegration of one of the gel pads but it’s not serious and the machine still works well, as you can tell from above. And it’s not as if they have to be changed often as with the Slendertone Face machine. I understand that replacement pads are available from Boots or directly from Slendertone on their website. Not cheap, but a whole lot cheaper than surgery, no?

I’ll leave you with a topical, illustrative and informative photo of a bottom. Not mine.


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