Life’s rich harvest

Don’t you just love this image, incidentally, that we took in Chislehurst on our Saturday dog walk? Look at the blackberries, brimming with potential, most not yet ripened. There are some black ones that appear ripe and sweet, but when you pick them you’ll taste the sourness. We have to wait a little longer for all of the berries to ripen in the August sun, but if we leave it too late, others will have descended and taken them for themselves.

What else is here? Bindweed, with its beautiful, delicate white ballerina flowers and winding tendrils that will strangle and choke all other plants if you let it. And, in the foreground, stinging nettles that have to be breached to reach the blackberries. Their sting is sharp and irritates for a while but the long-term effects are not so bad. Nettles are good to eat too, and they provide a home for all sorts of insects which help tend, pollinate and fertilise the blackberries and other hedgerow treasures.

To me this photograph, as autumn draws near, encapsulates life and I thought it would be nice to use it on my blog for a while.


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