The Slendertone Bottom Shorts Journal #5

Saturday 30th July 2011 day 15 of Slendertone Bottom 30 Day Challenge

Tropical Holiday -19 days and counting

I’ve been following the Slendertone Bottom challenge assiduously for two weeks now, usually one night clenching, one night relaxing. I think I must be nearly up to Advanced level by now (do I need an A* to get into decent University-level toning?) as the programme runs for 25 minutes every session. I just put on the shorts, plug myself in and turn the controller straight up to 70. This is pretty hardcore in itself, but I’m aiming to reach 99 on that display before long. Clench, relax, clench relax. I have to lie down whilst doing it and it really is anything but relaxing, but there’s something about pain for a purpose. Like childbirth, I suppose.

A few days ago, whilst dressing for the gym, I noticed that my rear end and the backs of my upper thighs were firmer and more shapely than usual. This was confirmed today, without too much duress, by my OH, who described my bottom as looking like two rubber balls. I took this as a compliment. So it’s working then, the Slendertone.

Now to measure the toning success of the apparatus. I received a very nice comment on my previous journal post the other day from Slendertone Sean, who writes:</p>
Another alternative to measure effectiveness is to count the number of reverse leg lifts (this is an exercise that requires you to engage your glutes, get down on all fours and extend your leg straight out behind you and then returns it to the starting position) that you can complete in a 90 second period. Over time, as you use Slendertone Bottom you should be able to complete more repetitions as your bum becomes more conditioned.

Now, I haven’t actually tried this yet, but I can see how that would be true. I certainly feel stronger a posteriori. (geddit?) I’m aiming to try this out shortly and have a personal training session booked for next week.

In the meantime, however, what else is it possible to say about clenching and relaxing one’s behind every other day? I have learned more about thongs and now possess an array of them for use only when using the Slendertone shorts. When else would one use them after all? They certainly don’t keep one’s bottom warm or hold one in in the right places, not that I speak from experience. It has to be said, though, that they do show off a curvy, pert, toned derrière to very good effect.


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