The Slendertone Bottom Shorts Journal #2

Saturday 16th July 2001

Oh my! Here I am, with my Slendertone Bottom shorts set out nicely on my bedroom floor, contemplating pulling them on for the first time.


The gel pads were far less fiddly and easier to apply than the Slendertone Face’s gel pads, and this cheered me immensely. Here’s a picture of one of the pads, applied to the metal studs which carry the electric charge.


Now, the thing is that the pads have to be fully in contact with the skin on the buttocks and upper thighs in the correct place, and underwear should be appropriate to facilitate this. That’s a mealy-mouthed way of saying that you can forget about wearing your big hold-you-in pants with these babies: you need to wear a THONG! I think my dismissal of thongs as a valid item of underwear is on record, but if they do have a purpose in life, this might well be it. I improvised to compensate for this wardrobe deficiency with, shall we say, a little nipping and tucking, but have since visited M&S for a pair of their finest, specifically for this purpose. Here is a picture of them, without me inside them, I hasten to add. Note the size 8. (M&S can still be relied upon for the generosity of their sizing. Incidentally my Pack of 5 contained only 4. Who goes around stealing a single pair of knickers?)


With some trepidation, I donned the shorts. They fitted my shape fine with some room to spare but I’m not sure whether they would be large enough for the “larger lady” or even the UK average size 16, but perhaps that is not Slendertone’s target market. Although presumably one can have a larger derrière and still want to tone it.

I plugged the charged-up control unit into the socket on the shorts with a little difficulty. The connectors look delicate and could be harmed with rough use. The unit automatically chose Programme 1, for beginners, which lasts for 15 minutes. Setting the unit to Intensity 20 on both sides, I could hardly feel a thing (I am a runner, after all) so I then turned it up gradually until it was set at Intensity level 45. This caused a twitch and prickle, followed by a clenching of my muscles with the accompaniment of a rasping sound from the Velcro attachments of the gel pads. Clearly my muscles were responding to the stimulus, although the sensation was not at all unpleasant. In fact, I was quite disappointed at the end of the 15 minutes, so decided I would run the programme again.

Afterwards, when I had put the gel pad protectors back on their pads and removed the shorts, my thigh and buttock muscles felt slightly stiff through working, but this was not at all severe and soon subsided.

I am following the 30 day plan diary in the instruction manual and today is a rest day, but I shall use the shorts again tomorrow. I’m looking forward to it, in fact. The only problem is how I shall know whether or not the Slendertone Bottom is working. I did think of taking photographs of my posterior, but I’m too shy to put those on the Internet. Instead, I think I shall resort to a good old-fashioned tape measure and keep you posted on any progress.


3 thoughts on “The Slendertone Bottom Shorts Journal #2

  1. Hi Gita, we’re enjoying reading your Slendertone Bottom journal! Keep them coming!

    The Slendertone Bottom will not deliver a fat burn workout, instead it will tone and condition the muscles of your butt, hence why you have noticed clothes fitting better. Another alternative to measure effectiveness is to count the number of reverse leg lifts (this is an exercise that requires you to engage your glutes, get down on all fours and extend your leg straight out behind you and then returns it to the starting position) that you can complete in a 90 second period. Over time, as you use Slendertone Bottom you should be able to complete more repetitions as your bum becomes more conditioned.

    Looking forward to reading further adventures in the Slendertone Bottom journal!

    Slendertone team

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