Origins Modern Friction

Here’s something I bought last week that I’ve used once and I really like. It’s a super scrub that you use once or twice a week. I don’t normally rave about stuff I’ve hardly used, but this made my skin feel sooooo clean and seems to work really well with blackheads, so I was keen to share it with readers of this blog.

Modern Friction is a cream scrub that’s applied to dried skin after evening cleansing. You work it into the face for a few minutes then rinse it off with water and moisturise. Very simple.

A couple of cautions, though. Do try as much as you can to avoid getting the scrub anywhere near your eyes, obviously when you’re exfoliating with it, but also when you’re rinsing it off. It is really strong and will make your eyes smart. Rinsing your eyes immediately with water will remedy this though, Similarly, don’t get it in your mouth. It tastes horrid, and it will make your lips and tongue burn slightly, as if you had touched them after handling chillies.

It costs £29 for a 125ml tube of the face version and it’s made me want to try the body version too, which costs a pound less for a 200ml tube.

*This post NOT sponsored in any way*


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