Clarisonic Sonic Skin Brush – an update

It’s nearly three months since those nice people at Clarisonic sent me a trial version of their machine. In that time it has become as indispensable to me as my electric toothbrush. It makes my face feel completely clean and means I use far less moisturiser. The machine takes 24 hours to charge fully and I find I do this about every week.

Currently, I’m using the Clarisonic with a Dermologica cleanser at night and in the shower every morning. I have had no breakouts since I started using the Clarisonic but I could not say categorically that this is down to the Clarisonic. It has, however, had less of an effect on existing blackheads because, whilst it cleans beautifully, the Sensitive brush is just not sufficiently abrasive to give a deep scrub effect, so I use it in conjunction with an exfoliator once or twice every week and I find that gives me a really deep scrub clean.

I am so pleased with my machine that I bought one for my pre-teen daughter and teenage son to share (with their own brushes!) and they are very pleased with the clarifying results on their skin.

I am, however, thoroughly delighted with the effect of the Body brush in combination with the Clarisonic Refining Body Polish scrub. In common with many people, I have bumpy skin at the tops of my arms and legs but use of the Clarisonic and Body Polish once per week in the shower has resulted in considerably smoother skin, perhaps because it makes my body moisturiser perform better. I adore the effect of the body brush and scrub on my poor abused feet, which are subjected to so much running and dog walking every week. The Clarisonic is like a mini foot rub for them and they feel refreshed, smoothed and relaxed. All in all, I wouldn’t want to do without my Clarisonic!


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