My Knitting: #3 Daisy

I’ve been knitting for 6 weeks and I love it. There’s something about twisting together a piece of yarn in a disciplined way to make a fabric shape with or without special effects that is simply miraculous. And addictive.

So this is the third thing I’ve knitted. I’m really pleased with it, although I am only too aware of my mistakes. I kept losing my place in the pattern and had to unpick or start again at least twice. I can now see where I’ve missed out rows or gathered the petals together unevenly. I should also have used a larger button to shape the centrepiece but was too impatient to finish it. Nonetheless, I’m inordinately proud of it and shall probably attach it to the purple hat that I knitted first.


Daisy petals knitted in Rowan Cotton Glace in shade Bleached with centrepiece in Patons Fab DK in shade Yellow and 3.5 mm needles.

Pattern from Knitted Flowers: 20 to Make by Susie Johns Published 2010 Search Press

I went to seen Jane from Tea and Crafting for a private lesson in pattern reading and cable knit this week. Here’s a photo of the resultant swatch:


So what next?


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