The glory of spring in my garden

I don’t do gardening, yet. My dad used to love pottering about in his but my gardening was more of the armchair kind, with books. I just never got around to it. Even the books were casualties of house and country moves.

Then we moved to this house with its huge front garden, set high on a hill and back from the road, where the previous, retired, couple had spent all of their time and planted several glorious specimens. Nine years, loads of building work and two sets of tenants later, it really isn’t as good as it was, to tell the truth. We don’t currently have time to do our garden justice, and we have a garden care service that keeps the lawn and some of the weeds down, but I’d really like to restore my garden to its former glory. It is currently number three on our list of priorities, despite the sneery comments of our (all retired) neighbours.

It is, however, looking quite lovely at the moment and here are some photos:





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