Oscar’s third birthday

Our beloved dog Oscar is three today. We had never had a dog before him, never grown up with dogs. We were a bit wary, tell the truth. And yes, they change your life. Your house can never be pristine again. They take up so much time and need to be walked every day. You can never just take off for the day and leave them at home alone. They have to be trained and that takes time, and even after that they are quite often selectively deaf to your commands. You end up pre-emptively apologising for embarrassing things they might be about to do, even though you are inwardly laughing. You end up wearing muddy jeans all the time and making excuses because your dog thought it was a great idea to dry himself off all over you. You can never just go for a run with the dog without stopping to acknowledge admiring looks and chat with other dog-lovers. You have to clean up their poo.

But dogs bring people together and make them smile. They force you to get outside in the fresh air, in the cold and rain as well as on sunny, warm days like today. They give you a heightened appreciation of they way nature changes throughout the year. And the clichés are true: they love you, live for you, are loyal and protective, just want to be part of everything you do, miss you so much when you’re not there. Our house feels empty without a dog there to say hello every time we walk through the door.

Thank you Oscar, for bringing so much love and fun into our lives, lovely boy.




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