Game of 3 by 9

Oh what fun! My fellow Sarf Lahndahn Grande Dame, Milly at has tagged me in a game of 3 by 9. Here are my answers as requested: I’m so pleased by the way, that I now know what a meme is! Thanks Radio 4.

Three names I go by: Gita, Mum! and msalliance

Three places I’ve lived: South London, Beijing as a student and the western suburbs of Paris.

Three places I’ve worked: as would-be purveyor of industrial materials to China for a British manufacturer; as an internal consultant with a major recruitment advertising agency and in my own consultancy business.

Three things I love to watch: my dog gambolling in the Spring sunshine; musicians (especially my family and friends) performing live; Strictly Come Dancing.

Three places I have been and love: Vaucluse, France (on school exchanges and on honeymoon); the Platinum Coast of Barbados, and Paris (now that I don’t actually have to get anything done.)

Three people who email me regularly: My husband (to tell me that there are problems with the trains and that he will be home late); my Darling Daughter (who sends me pictures of dogs and tells me she loves me); my lovely cousin from Kent.

Three things I love to eat: risotto (my favourite is my wild mushroom and butternut squash); good chocolate and sashimi.

Three people I think will respond: The lovely, yummy trio that I’m tagging right now: EmmaP at; Lena at and Number1ScumMum at

Three things I am looking forward to: going to see my cousin in Singapore and including a holiday in Indonesia; finally conquering the songs I’m learning for Grade VI Singing; winning the Euromillions lottery.

MsAlliance a blogger! Who would have thought?


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